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Hypergate Astrology School

Can You Handle What You Don't Know?

Is it possible for those of us who’ve watched and learned from The Leo King for so many years to not only grasp, but also to learn how to use his method?

For the first time, The Leo King will offer a class designed to take us into the Hyperspace of his astrological approach.  Hang on, buckle in and prepare for a quantum paradigm shift like no other.

If you’ve completed your “basic training,” equipped with some understanding of 

The Leo King has Courageously found the Hypergate to Disrupt the Astrological Paradigm 

Join the Leo King to learn his disruptive approach to astrology. In this class students will leave behind expectations and immerse themselves in cosmic wisdom your expectations of what it means to be an astrologer. 

Hypergate School W/The Leo King Will Cover

  • Deprogramming the conditioned soul that prevents you from channeling astrology
  • How to do astrology in your own mind's spiritual hypergate -- and to do it without using a chart
  • How to instantly look at astrology faster than the speed of light -- connecting past lives, the present, and most importantly accessing your future life -- to know if you, or a client, or even the world is on its divine path. 
  • Channeling and psychic astrology workshop: The Leo King will challenge every student with psychic tasks throughout the course
  • How to incorporate all systems of astrology into one, including Human Design, Destiny cards, Vedic Dashas, and  Helio Astrology (Helio Astrology will be a big portion that The Leo King will cover in more depth than ever before)
  • History of astrology that is relevant to the Hypergate system, accessing hermeticism, alchemy, and learning to use this ancient wisdom mixed with future understanding
  • How to make horoscope predictions beyond Sun Signs, while teaching astrology-lovers that we all have a unique astrological voice that can be developed with world-changing implications! 
  • The most expert and advanced chart reading techniques will be covered and questions answered LIVE!
  • Are guides real, demons, and what about God? The Leo King covers how to access the Divine and ways to discern what is good and evil: Remember, this Hypergate can't be accessed if it is not from the highest of the Divine to which God grants access. 
  • Activated and empowered by all of these techniques, topics and experiences, the Hypergate will propel you into the future of astrology

The Course Starts on Tuesday's at 4pm Pacific, and runs for 8 weeks.