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SHADOW WORK: Healing methods for integrating darkness w/Sarah Paasch

SHADOW WORK: Healing methods for integrating darkness

SARAH PAASCH Course Outline

Sarah Paasch-

Sarah Paasch, PharmD, is an Intuitive Entrepreneur; she supports clients in reconnecting to their magic on every level of soul awakening working as an Evolutionary Astrologer, Life Coach and Intuitive Healer. In addition, she collaborates with other incredible people in hosting CRAVE, a week-long conscious-living immersion retreat, and a variety of other divine feminine workshops and retreats throughout the year. She stays connected to her local community as a part-time yoga and meditation teacher, Reiki healer and spiritual companion to All. Sarah has a passion for helping others reconnect to themselves and create sustainable transformation from the inside-out. All of Sarah’s work focuses on a combination of cultivating personal alignment and self-empowerment, with the development of practical methods to effectively integrate healing and change.

Module 1: Introduction to Shadow Work


-Be able to define, and understand origin and purpose of Shadow

-Understand importance and value of doing effective shadow-work as a healer, light-worker, etc.

-Understanding the foundation and requirements to doing effective shadow-work (i.e. mindfulness, self-compassion, common humanity) and clarify personal methods for cultivating these foundations

-Understand importance and value of approaching shadow-work with the intention to integrate vs eliminate

Module 2: Developing Night Vision


-Be able to identify presentation and causation of the most common shadows (both positive & negative)

-Establish mature and welcoming relationship to darkness

-Know effective integration strategies and how to apply practical application techniques in daily life

-Create a strong support system; identify healthy and unhealthy relationships

Module 3: Embodying the Light: Spiritual Warrior Training


-Understand history of social conditioning and implications of inherited shame/guilt/fear

-Define personal intention and motivation for being a healer/light-worker, etc. to serve as an anchor through future challenges (aka know and (re)commit to your “WHY”)

-Be able to easily distinguish between fear and love (i.e. inner voices/thoughts, emotions, body postures & sensations, etc.)

-Understand fear-driven responses to pain and establish new relationship with discomfort

-Understand the value of emotional containment and effective strategies for transmuting dark energy into light

-Create and commit to personal contract as spiritual warrior

Module 4: Love is the answer, not the problem: Shadow-work in Relationships


-Be able to define and recognize psychological projection (both positive & negative)

-Be able to identify and understand presentation of a trigger and most common misunderstandings between partners

-Understand different response pathways and be able to apply the most effective participation strategy

-Be able to recognize most common conditions/barriers to authentic connection in regards to individual shadow-work and commit to practice unconditional love

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