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Beyond the Planets 2: Decoding HERSTORY

Discovering Divine Feminine Mysteries of the Stars

Beyond the Planets 2: Decoding HERSTORY is a Divine Feminine Mystery School built with the highest intention of supporting us ALL in remembering the heart of who we really are.

These live channeled teachings emerge for a new age, inspiring a new era, reaching a collective ready to embrace the level of consciousness needed to honor Divine Feminine wisdom as a bold, enlightened path to a fully-embodied presence on Earth.

As we allow ourselves to weave between the personal and eternal, a flame is reignited, shining as a golden torch of starlight.  Soaring like a phoenix, Divine Feminine wisdom rises up again, calling out to be reclaimed and rediscovered.

This is the great unveiling of lost, forgotten wisdom teachings. This is the great retelling of ancient stories once buried and burned.

Beyond the Planets 2: DECODING HERSTORY is a revolutionary Masterclass teaching BRAND NEW & EXPANDED MATERIAL.  Beyond the Planets 2 is the NEXT EVOLUTION in the Beyond the Planets series and will help you up-level your knowledge of astrology like never before!

Whether new on your path or advanced, this 8 class series is OPEN TO ALL LEVELS and will expand upon your existing knowledge of astrology while taking your personal and professional aspirations to new heights.

You are cordially invited to take an expansive journey into the Divine Feminine mysteries...

Here we will unlock the many hidden secrets of ancient-future wisdom traditions, illuminating the infinite, luminous nature of your soul.

Beyond the Planets 2: Decoding HERSTORY is a live virtual Masterclass taught by Astrologer Erika Othen and will begin on Tuesday, January 12th, 2021 at 5 PM Pacific & 8 PM Eastern.  For 8 consecutive weeks, we will continue our journey together each Tuesday evening until our final session on March 2nd, 2021.

You will receive over 20+ hours of live channeled astrology and virtual content like never before for one low price!  Each virtual class will be held in group format via live webinar via Zoom. All sessions will be 90-120+ minutes in duration and recorded so you can re-watch or tune in at any time if you are not able to make the scheduled session.

What you'll get:

  • Divine Feminine Wisdom Teachings & Sacred Symbolism of the Goddess
  • New and Expanded Starseed & Angelic Markings 
  • The Lost Grail Mysteries and Secret Teachings of the Rose
  • Illuminating Darkness: Exploring the Dark Goddess Mysteries
  • The Akashic & Ascended Civilizations: Locate the Lost Lands of Lemuria, Atlantis & Avalon within a Natal Chart
  • Heaven on Earth: Ancient-Future Star Codes Vital in Rebuilding A New Earth Template 
  • Legacy of Love: Uncover New and Extended Love, Relationship and Soulmate Synastry
  • Further Exploration of EVEN MORE Asteroids & Fixed Stars
  •  Over 20+ Hours of Live Channeled Astrology Taught Like Never Before!

Beyond the Planets 2: Decoding HERSTORY is an answered prayer, birthed from a vision in a dream and received by the wings of my heart.  It is my highest goal and intention to empower you on a path of inspiration, leadership and self-discovery by helping you remember the eloquent, ever-expanding expression of the stars.