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Leo King Elite & Spiritual eCommerce Business Development

Leo King Elite has been years in the making. After his first release of classes in 2014, which reached tens of thousands of downloads, his teachings spread around the astrology community. His groundbreaking teachings, “Leo King Elite” from 2017 were like no other in the world utilizing the latest technology in Astrology and Social Media. This program is geared to not only make people understand three levels of Astrology but also includes; Psychic work, Channeling and the Mystical arts. These classes are intended to empower Lightworkers to take their inner gifts and monetize them so they can devote all their energy to bettering our world. The Leo King's eCommerce business development school opens doors that legitimizes your inner gift and teaches you how to create a business around it.


The Astrology Deal of a Lifetime!

Are you ready to really know astrology? You can make your dreams come true as a spiritual influencer!


Huge Amount of Video Content!

All Courses are in Video Format, shot in HD, in a Studio, each class has a completion marker.

Build Your Spiritual Business

With so many people becoming spiritual influencers, It is harder to get your word out there. The Leo King has created a course to teach you how to get the most out of your mission. tools to connect with your spiritual mission clearly, then how too manifest it in the 3d world we live in. The Leo King will also do some special astrology secrets for those astrologers wanting to make more out of their astrology career. this course is for any spiritual influencer who wants to get their message of the light brighter, wider, and stronger! 

No Astrology Like This Anywhere!

You will not find a teaching style like this anywhere, exciting, video quality, and with the deep spiritual astrology that only "The Leo King" can teach and deliver! 

Here's What You'll Learn

By taking this course today, you'll get the complete A-Z on creating a course using your knowledge. It's the first of its kind that gives you the full blueprint... so no matter what your level of expertise is, you can bet you'll find success. Go at your own pace. Take the 1st Tier, or go all the way up to Professional levels! All at the comfort of your own home!

We’ll teach you how to take your astrology passion and  turn it into something brighter!  Leo King Elite will teach you everything you need to know about astrology, and the intricacies of running an spiritual online business today, selling digital content, and growing your brand through various channels. (If that is where you want to go) This is about making astrology great for you!

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