Tier 2 Intermediate Astrology

Tier 2

Want to work as a professional astrologer, and help other people through their soul's journey? Astrology is a fantastic science that can be used as a predictive technique allowing us to see deeper into the future and learn how to prepare.

Themes, issues and situations that will come up for you every 28 days, and every year, covering love, career, family, health, spirituality, other people's resources can be uncovered, as well as the dynamics between two people and their relationship potential using Astrology.

In the Leo King's Tier 2 Elite Astrology Masterclass, you will learn how to take the language of astrology and go beyond to crack the secret codes! Once you graduate you will know how to read love and relationship astrology charts, and be able to predict events based on specific astrology predictive techniques professionally!  Learn to be a true horoscope, and reading astrologer!

Tier 2 Key Points:

  • Advanced Astrology Chart Readings

  • Relationship Synastry Readings 

  • Davison Relationship Readings

  • Composite Chart Readings

  • Karmic Soul Contract Aspects in Astrology (between two people)

  • Solar Return Charts

  • Lunar Return Charts

  • How to cast Sun Sign Horoscopes

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