Tier 3 Expert Astrology

Tier 3

Do you wish to master the science of Astrology and share your gift with the world?

Are you ready to dive deep into the predictive techniques, that will cover the soul work needed to be done during this incarnation, and help people step into their personal power as a professional guide and coach?

Want to work as a professional astrologer, and help other people through their soul's journey? Astrology is a fantastic science that can be used as a predictive technique allowing us to see deeper into the future and learn how to prepare.

Themes, issues and situations that will come up for you every 28 days, and every year, covering love, career, family, health, spirituality, other people's resources can be uncovered, as well as the dynamics between two people and their relationship potential using Astrology.

Tier 3 Key Points:

  • Progressed Composite Charts ( predicting the future of your soul contracts with others)

  • FULL Relationship Readings

  • Eclipses and Nodal work

  • The Leo King's Secret Tips and Tricks when Chart Reading

  • Tarot integration in Astrology

  • Full Horoscope lessons, Training on how to be a Professional Reader.  

  • Cast Sun Sign Horoscopes

$300.00 USD


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