Tier 4 Creating A Spiritual Business

Tier 4

Learn to walk the path of the lightworkers and expand your intuition, psychic ability and business skills like NEVER BEFORE! Channel your SPIRIT GUIDES and learn how to RECEIVE accurate pure loving messages from SOURCE for yourself and others.  This course, is the elite class.  It propels you into being a lightworker everyday,  and the secrets and skills, The Leo King has learned to live by the code, everyday. 

 Congratulations! If you choose Tier 4, you will get access to the Leo King ELITE LIGHTWORKER MasterClass where the Leo King will teach you how to incorporate SPIRITUALITY into your life on a DAILY BASIS, live in your own truth, channel psychic messages and show you how to run your business with integrity and morals and ethics like all LIGHTWORKERS should.

 Ideal for someone who wants to vibrate in truth and purity of the Divine, Beginner or Advanced Tarot and Oracle card readers, and anyone who wants to run an Astrology / Spirituality based business, the Leo King will help you lay your foundation for your new future.

Tier 4 Key Points:

  • Special Videos, Assignments, and Private Webinars, helping you become a lightworker that will spread the brightest light.

  • Learning how to start and run a successful spiritual business

  • Guided videos and assignments on how to make an impact on the web/media

  • Media skills package

  • How to build a brand out of your persona

  • Take your book, videos, or brand and learn how to reach the media.

  • Learn the skills it will take to build a day to day schedule that will deliver results in your lightwork based business.

  • Explore the ways to build a mobile based business, apps, and live stream services.

  • Get the tools of how to be a personality, build PR in media, and utilize TV, Radio and the Internet to push your brand/persona.

  • Explore the skills of how to build retreats that are successful!  The Leo King will also cover how to do tours for cheap and make money without spending to much time and energy on making events.

  • Event Building secrets, combined with building products that are constantly churning.

  • Learn how to do advertising, fb advertising, that delivers results! 

  • Learn to know your lightworking path! 

  • Overview of different lightworking jobs, missions and services!

  • Astrology, Psychic Work, Oracle Cards, Tarot, Medium Work, Angel work, we will review all of the modalities, and how to master these arts, all into one.

$100.00 USD


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