Tier 1 Basic Astrology

Tier 1

Do you want to study astrology to fully understand the language beyond a daily horoscope? 

Do you feel like you know the energy of the signs, planets, houses and transits but do not know how to bring it all together to interpret a natal chart?

Look no further, The Leo King will teach you step by step in this Masterclass how to read and interpret an astrology chart so that you can read charts for yourself and others.

Tier 1 Key Points:

  • The planets in Astrology

  • The differet House Systems in DEPTH and when to use which

  • Planetary Aspects ( trines, squares, oppositions, conjunctions, quincuxes, semisquares, inconjuctions and more!)

  • Asteroids¬†

  • AC/MC/DC/IC axis points

  • The Decans

  • Progressed Planets and Chart Casting

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