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high vibe May 25, 2019


The Leo King

The Leo King

The Leo King's Feed

Known as a famous celebrity astrologer, David Lawrence Palmer has been making waves in the media with being a media spiritual influencer. Having been on TV for over a decade, and owning and producing the largest video horoscope media network and app! David has created a reputation for being the go to spiritual influencer around the world!

David Lawrence Palmer, aka, "The Leo King" owns and operates multiple OTT media corporations that produce, and distribute content via mobile apps. social media, and streaming platforms.  The Leo King is also known for his speaking events, national tours, conferences and documentaries. 

David currently owns, The Leo King, Inc., 12th House Media, Inc. and is the Co-Founder High Vibe TV, and Creator of Spiritual Dance Music.

The Leo King is about setting trends, and disrupting OTT Media markets, by creating content that is exciting, and some what controversial. His appearances on TV,...

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